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Available Programs
Introduction to CreditEd
101 Budgeting
Basic Financial Budgeting
102 Advanced Budgeting
Budget Strategies
103 Debt
Good Debt vs. Bad Debt
104 How Money Works
Master Personal Finance
105 Credit Reports
The Credit Score Rule
106 First Time Homebuyer
What is the process? Will I qualify? How much can I borrow?
107 Real Estate
Beyond the Purchase Price: the Cost of Buying and Owning a Home.
108 Estate Planning
Why Does an Estate Need to be Probated?
109 The Ins and Outs of Mutual Funds
Mutual Fund Basics
110 Stocks and Bonds
Learn the Differences Between Stocks and Bonds
111 Teaching Kids The Basics
112 Annuities - Part 1
113 Annuities - Part 2
114 What is Identity Theft?
115 Financial Aid
116 Understanding Credit Cards
117 Understanding Car Loans